Mountain View

Mountain View has been able to enjoy rising home and property values.

Welcome to Mountain View

Unusual in the predominance of multi-family housing complexes as opposed to single-family homes, Mountain View is a popular choice for newcomers and single professionals. Other distinguishing characteristics of community life include a robust local economy based on high technology firms–and an equally thriving and glittering nightlife.
Among the 200 manufacturing and high-tech firms that have settled into Mountain View are Silicon Graphics, Alza, Microsoft, and Netscape. At the NASA Ames Research Center, some of the nation’s most brilliant minds are researching computer systems for 21st century space exploration.
Most of the single-family dwellings are located west of El Camino Real, although handsome new homes and modern townhouses with innovative architecture are also springing up along the light-rail corridor near the Central Expressway.
Mirroring the upbeat real estate tempo set by many Silicon Valley communities, Mountain View has been able to enjoy rising home and property values. This widespread trend encourages remodeling and renovation, ensuring that even older neighborhoods will offer the visual appeal of neat homes and meticulous landscaping.
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